hidden Vybag - It's all about data

It's all about data

Take control over your information flow. Simplify the way of work with data.

For Business

Vybag helps business organize and control data in more friendly way. Optimizing data workflows it's concetrate business on more cruical things.

For Individuals

Take a control over your individual incoming information - organize, manage & control it with Vybag.

For Families

The Vybag is probably first solution, that start thinking about families and its data organization. Simplify the way how to store and share data between yours family members.

Different way of work

In Vybag we offer change the way how you are working today with information/data that you are receiving. We are dreaming to simplify that way and make more friendly for humans and Nature.


Keep your data with you. In place where you trust.


Control your data and information with which you are working.


Delightful design